Junior 6-12 years

The frame between 6 and 12 are often referred to as a periode of “Learn to Train”. From the science this intervall is a great opportunity to build vital skills as movement, coordination, motor skills and speed.

EDGE “Junior Protocols” 6-12 years are split in to five different training programmes. All protocols are including 20+ exercises divided into:

  • Movement & Mobility
  • Balance, Coordination & Stability
  • Speed & Power
  • Strength
  • Movement Games

The protocols start with the basics, and variations and progressions are given further out in the programmes. It is important to clear the first protocol, and therefore it is only possible to sign up on the first protocol or buy all five together.

The protocols are delivered in an app – and from there it is possible to log and plan sessions and print out the sessions on paper. Together with the app a start up plan with information about science, programming and other useful information are sent by mail.

All videos are filmed in the studio with own athletes, and each video comes with a description and tips.