Online Golf Fitness Protocols

EDGE “Online Protocols” are online training programs designed for golfers at all level and ages. Online training has become very popular over the last years, and give the advantage that you can train specific to your needs, age and level anywhere around the world.

The “Online Protocols” are all based on the same model regardless if you are a junior or a professional golfer. All the protocols will give you exercises in the following blocks:

  • Movement & Mobility
  • Balance, Coordination & Stability
  • Speed & Power
  • Strength

The protocols has target each category with the specific needs. All exercises are specially chosen with my experience and knowledge of the physical part of golf.

The programmes are easily delivered through an app. From the app you can log your sessions, control your progress and nutrition and also print out the sessions. All exercises are filmed in EDGEs studio with own athletes, and are also given with a description and tips.

This is how you do:

Go into the SHOP and buy your product. If you are entering the Protocols for the first time – buy version 1. If you have bought the first one earlier – buy the next one. When you have payed I will get a notification and then send you a mail. In that mail there will be a link to download the app. When you have registered a profile and have downloaded the app – I will assign you the programmes in the app and send you a mail with information about the training system.

Due to a manual operation – the mail will be sent to you as soon as possible and within 24 hours from ordering.

Speed & Power