Speed & Power Protocols

With the game of golf are getting harder, the courses getting longer and the physical capacities of the top players in the world has massively increased over the last years – speed and power has become the number one priority among many golfers.

In the Speed & Power Protocols you get a complete setup to increase your distance. The protocols are separated in two different levels – where the Protocol I is having the basic and most common speed and power drills, the Protocol II are giving variations and progressions from the first protocol.

The training protocols not only provide you with great speed and power drills – but also includes a movement prep / mobility block, coordination and skill building drills. The protocols are programmed into two different days a week. If you want to extend the number of training days a week – simply do the sessions twice or programme your own session based on the exercises in the protocols. The protocols also include a separate swing speed block.

Keep in mind that power is an outcome of both speed and strength. For optimal results it is needed to implement a strength programme together with this.


This is how you do:

Go into the SHOP and buy your product. If you are entering the Protocols for the first time – buy version 1. If you have bought the first one earlier – buy the next one. When you have payed I will get a notification and then send you a mail. In that mail there will be a link to download the app. When you have registered a profile and have downloaded the app – I will assign you the programmes in the app and send you a mail with information about the training system.

Due to a manual operation – the mail will be sent to you as soon as possible and within 24 hours from ordering.