Mariell Bruun

Mariell Bruun is working as a performance coach -and golf coach for EDGE Performance, coaching all athletes in all ages within sport specific and general training.  

 For the past two years, she has trained younger athletes withing physical training and golf, gaining valuable experience in how to help you develop athletic performance at any level. While also bringing knowledge from working alongside Kim, education and her own professional sports career, she is competent and experienced within sport specific training. 

 Mariell´s main area is physical performance coaching -and golf coaching of golfers, and strive to help you improve your athletic performance through high quality training with dedicated plans.  

Work Experience

  • Performance Coach & Golf Coach, EDGE Performance! 
  • Performance Coach & Group Trainer, EDGE Future! 
  • Golf Coach, Asker GK 
  • Junior Trainee Coach, Team Norway Golf  
  • Former Golf Coach, Toppgolf (Past) 
  • Former Golf Professional (Past)  

Educations, Certifications & Courses:

  • Certified Personal Trainer, AFPT 
  • Certified Nutritionist, AFPT 
  • Certified Online Trainer, AFPT 
  • Sales, Marketing and Coaching, AFPT 
  • Olympic -& Weightlifting, AFPT  
  • Certified Performance Specialist, EXOS 
  • Certified Fitness Specialist, EXOS 
  • Certified Golf Fitness Specialist, NASM 
  • Certified CrossFit L1 Trainer, CrossFit 
  • Certified Level 2 Golf, Junior, Fitness and Power Specialist, TPI  
  • Certified Level 2 Trackman Professional, Trackman 
  • Certified Level 2 SuperSpeed Professional, SuperSpeed 
  • Golf Trainer Level 1 (Level 2 ongoing), Norwegian Golf Federation 
  • Science of Training Young Athletes Part 1, University of Florida 
  • Double Bachelor (Communications and Economics), University of Denver