This is EDGE Performance !

Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching is all about assessment, setting goals and work har to reach them. 

EDGE Performance offer athletes in any sport, at any age or any level the the possibility to start the journey with us.

On that journey we will work hard to coach, motivate and inspire you to perform better on your arena.


Online Coaching for Golf

Get your process started with our Online Coaching for golf. 

Wherever you are in the world we can help you to screen, put up your individual fitness plan and  follow you process through our app an other communication arenas. 

Training Programmes

Training programmes are designed to help you to get started with your fitness plan towards golf.

We have designed different programmes that suits any golfplayer at any age. 

Programmes are delivered in an app with videos and instructions.

Performance Coaches

Kim Røtnes Jensen

Founder & Coach

Mariell Bruun